UberXL Vs Uber SUV – How To Distinguish?

According to some economic studies, Uber is one of the most popular online taxi booking companies in the world. The reason it is so loved is that Uber’s service has features such as convenience, speed, and modernity. Uber’s service is very suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time. Whenever you want to use Uber services, you can immediately order an Uber with just a few simple steps on the Uber app.

At the time of its launch, Uber only offered a single taxi service because the company’s purpose was to provide a cost-effective ride-hailing service for passengers. Through many years of operation and development, Uber has expanded many different services such as UberX, Uber XL, Uber Select, … to meet the needs of customers in each different situation. In which there are many customers who often cannot distinguish between UberXL and Uber SUV.

So this article will be the answer to the question “What is the difference between UberXL & Uber SUV?”.

uberxl vs ubersuv


If you have never used all of Uber’s services, it may seem difficult to tell them apart. The reason UberXL vs Uber SUV is easy to confuse is because these two Uber services have many similarities. In this article, we will show you how to tell them apart.

What is the Difference Between UberXL vs Uber SUV?

Although UberXL vs Uber SUV is both types of taxis that provide passenger service in larger numbers than a traditional UberX car. But the biggest difference between these two taxis is that the Uber SUV has always been a black, luxury car and generally a more premium experience for the customer.

That also means that with the Uber SUV service, passengers pay more for a ride than the UberXL service.

uberxl vs ubersuv

What is Uber SUV?

Known as Uber SUV or UberBlack SUV for the official name, this is a service that can accommodate up to six passengers. People who book Uber SUVs are often those who are willing to spend money to experience the luxury and comfort of a ride.

All cars in the Uber SUV system are luxury and high-end cars. From the exterior to the interior of the car, the car is covered with black leather.

The UberSUV vehicles must all meet high standards in terms of their condition. You can expect to see immaculate paintwork with no cosmetic blemishes, and they are required to be less than five years old.

uberxl vs ubersuv

Here are some popular car models that you can experience when booking Uber SUV service:

  • Audi Q7
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ford Expedition
  • GMC Yukon XL
  • Infiniti QX80
  • Lincoln Navigator

Price for an Uber SUV ride?

Compared to the price of a standard UberBlack ride, the price of an Uber SUV is usually a bit higher. The reason is that it is the most expensive service offered by Uber. The Uber SUV is a combination of luxury travel, premium vehicles, and the capacity to accommodate up to six passengers.

You can refer to the price of this service in the following cases:

  • Base fare – $15.75
  • Minimum fare – $25.75
  • Rate per minute – $0.75
  • Rate per mile – $3.76
  • Fee for rider no-show – $25
  • Fee for rider cancellation – $10

As with all Uber services, these prices are subject to change due to their surge pricing. However, UberSUV prices are less likely to increase in bust times than the standard, more popular Uber services.

How does Uber benefit customers?

Uber SUV will give you some special perks that you won’t be able to experience in other types of Uber services.

The best thing that is guaranteed for you when using the Uber SUV service is safety. Because all Uber SUV drivers have to go through a rigorous screening process full of information. The process requires them to provide a résumé, they must demonstrate their driving skills, and in some cases, a medical examination is also required.

In addition, passengers can also select options before booking such as preferences for talking, the temperature in the car, and assistance with any of their luggage.

All in all, Uber SUV is a great service for those who want to travel in style and are willing to pay a premium price.

What is UberXL?

UberXl is a dedicated service for passengers with larger vehicle requirements. The service also allows up to six passengers, but the price customers pay for an UberXL ride is relatively cheap. All of the vehicles used are either SUVs or minivans.

The cars used for the UberXl service are not as luxurious and high-end as those used for the Uber SUV service. They are also optional with a black exterior and interior.

uberxl vs ubersuv

You can refer to some car models of the UberXL service below:

  • Dodge Caravan
  • Dodge Journey
  • GMC Arcadia
  • Honda Pilot
  • Toyota Highlander

Uber XL prices?

The cost of an UberXl ride depends on many factors such as the distance of your journey, how much traffic is encountered on the way, and how much demand there is for the service.

Because Uber has a policy of increasing prices, as customer demand for UberX services increases, so will the standard fare.

It is difficult for us to determine an exact price for this service as they change frequently. But overall, it’s still cheaper than the price customers pay for an Uber SUV, and compared to the UberX service, the UberXl service costs about 1.4 times.

So if the cost of an UberX ride is $25, the cost of an UberXl ride of the same distance would be around $35.

If you want to know the exact cost of your ride, you can use Uber’s official fair estimator tool which provides you with current rates in your local area.

Benefits of Using UberXl

The safety level of UberXl service is highly appreciated. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, have at least one year of driving experience, and their vehicle must meet certain standards.

UberXL’s service is perfect for people traveling in groups of up to six people, or they simply want to experience a large vehicle at an affordable price.

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UberXL vs UberSUV FAQ

Can Uber XL take luggage?

The convenience of Uber XL is that it allows passengers to bring a certain amount of luggage. According to Uber’s estimates, if there are only four passengers on a ride, they can bring up to five suitcases. If the number of passengers is six, the number of suitcases will be reduced to three.

Can I use Uber XL to move furniture?

Unfortunately, the driver does not allow you to transport your belongings with their vehicle. However, if your furniture is not too big, you can call them first to ask for permission. If the driver agrees, you can transport your belongings.

Does Uber Black SUV have to be a black car?

Of course. All vehicles used for the Uber SUV service must be black from the exterior to the interior. And the driver must ensure this before receiving passengers.


Above is all you should know about the difference between UberXL vs Uber SUV. Overall, the biggest difference is still the price. However, depending on the situation, assuming you are willing to pay for any of these two types of services, you still have to consider what your individual needs are. Do you like a high-end car or you are a person who does not care about the appearance of the car? If you have any questions, you can visit this website to ask for help: https://help.uber.com/

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