Knowledge For You: Will Uber Deliver Cigarettes?

Uber is one of the most popular online taxi booking companies globally through the Uber mobile app. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately book a taxi to get around. The speed and convenience of this service are very suitable for those who have a tight work schedule and want to save time. In addition to the convenience of a taxi booking service, Uber also offers a delivery service. The company’s current success is also explained by that feature of Uber. In case you need a pack of cigarettes but wonder “will Uber deliver cigarettes?”. This article is the answer for you.

For smokers, they will sometimes have strong cravings for nicotine. If you’re in that situation but don’t want to buy it yourself, you can order a delivery service to have a pack of cigarettes delivered to your door. This delivery service is becoming more and more popular as the consumer demand for home delivery services is increasing day by day.

will uber deliver cigarettes

Uber is also one of the famous companies that provide this service. But will Uber deliver cigarettes? Condolences to smokers because Uber’s answer is “No”. Both Uber and Uber Eats will deny your request. In fact, they will not deliver tobacco products of any kind including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco leaf, dip, or even vapes.

But don’t worry because there are still many companies with similar services that accept delivery of this item. Continue reading below to understand why Uber refuses to deliver cigarettes or nicotine products.

Why doesn’t Uber deliver cigarettes?

will uber deliver cigarettes

In recent years nicotine-containing products such as cigarettes have been increasingly used and openly used. This practice has become increasingly common since the vaping craze swept the nation among teenagers and young adults.

Many companies have refused to sell nicotine products and cigarettes to avoid the teenage nicotine crisis. Uber is one of them. This company has chosen to stay away from nicotine products of any kind.

The other reason that Uber and Uber Eats drivers are not allowed to deliver cigarettes is that often they have no way of verifying ID. In these cases, they mustn’t deliver alcohol either.

However, since the company has hired drivers to deliver alcoholic beverages, more and more Uber eats drivers are gaining this capability. So perhaps things may change relatively soon.

There is a loophole to this, however. Since Uber eats gives you a driver’s number directly, you can ask them to pick some up for you and pay them directly for the service. This is technically not allowed by Uber eats, so it is at your discretion whether or not you’re willing to do this. If you do, make sure you give the driver a big tip.

Does the delivery ban happen with alcohol?

You may be wondering: Uber and Uber Eats both refuse to deliver cigarettes, so do they refuse to deliver alcohol? In fact, alcohol is a legal substance and is allowed to be consumed by a specific age. And more importantly, alcohol is not as much of a problem at the moment as cigarettes.

You may not know: Uber recently allowed alcohol delivery service provided that all parties involved, including the driver and the customer, must be over 21 years old.

Unfortunately for smokers, there is more of a stigma around nicotine products than alcohol, so some companies aren’t ready to take that extra step.

So is there a way for cigarettes to be delivered to you?

Although Uber and Uber Eats turn you down if you want a pack of cigarettes delivered to your door, you can still get it using a number of other services. Here are some suggestions for you:


will uber deliver cigarettes

Postmates is one of the most reliable ways to get cigarettes delivered as well as any other nicotine product.

However, the staff at the store have no way to check if you are old enough to use tobacco, so Postmates will take responsibility to do so. You won’t be able to do a contact-free cigarette delivery, and you’ll need your ID when you go to pick them up. Keep these things in mind when you order.

Door Dash

will uber deliver cigarettes

Similar to Postmates, Door Dash also recently offered a cigarette delivery service to customers. The way it works is quite similar to Postmates.

You will also receive an ID request for this service.

Go Puff

will uber deliver cigarettes

In addition to the above two services, you can also use the service of Go Puff if you want a pack of cigarettes delivered to your door. However, the difference of Go Puff is that it focuses more on products such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, fast food, etc. This makes Go Puff the best choice for you when you want to order cigarettes.

The only drawback of Go Puff is that it is not available in many cities and is only active in a select few. But if Go Puff is available locally, it is a perfect choice right now.

Just like Postmates and Door Dash, you will have to provide an ID to place your order.

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Now you have the answer to the question “will Uber deliver cigarettes?”. Uber and Uber Eats will not accept your request for tobacco delivery. Drivers and customers should follow Uber’s policies for the best experience.

Above has also come up with many solutions so that you can have a pack of cigarettes delivered to your home. There are some apps, such as Go Puff, Postmates, and Door Dash that are ready, willing, and able to deliver cigarettes, cigars, dip, vapes, and other tobacco products directly to your doorstep. Hope it can help you deal with nicotine cravings.

So if you’re looking for a nicotine fix, there’s your answer. You’ll have more luck with other apps rather than Uber and Uber Eats.

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