Day: August 15, 2021

view your Uber rating

5+ Step To View Your Uber Rating [With Picture]

As one of the most convenient and reliable taxi booking services, Uber is the company that provides the safest and most convenient rides for passengers. After each trip, you can rate your driver and the driver can also check their own rating. Ratings can range from 1 star to 5 stars. The driver average rating

UberPOP - The Ultimate Choice For Commuting

What Is UberPOP? [A To Z] About UberPOP You Should Know

To be introduced by Uber, UberPOP is an innovative service used to provide customers the best experience at a reasonable price. UberPOP is an on-demand service to encourage sharing and splitting fares. This benefits both the driver and the customer. This is also one of the factors that help Uber gain a larger number of

How To Delete Trip History On Uber App: Tips For You

All your previous rides and other bookings will be saved in Uber History. This is also one of the important features of this application. It maintains a list of all the trips you have booked with details of routes, prices. Sometimes, users want to delete this history. There are many reasons to explain this behavior of customers

how to cancel uber eats order

How To Cancel An Uber Eats Order: 5 Steps

Have you been in situations like this before? You realize you forgot something after placing your order then you want to change the order or you forgot to use the discount code so you want to reset it. Uber Eats will be a good choice for you at that time. To be a leading foods

reactivate disabled Uber account

3+ Way To Reactivate Disabled Uber Account In 10 Steps

As a smart app released by Uber, the Uber app creates a platform for passengers and drivers to order taxis or cabs with just a few taps on their mobile devices. In case your Uber account is a disabled one, to reactivate disabled Uber account, follow the steps in the article below. Reactivating a disabled